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Gandhi Memorabilia – A Hollywood Movie On Ethics And Thought Of Mahatma Gandhi

# ‘Gandhi Memorabilia’ : Daria Kosheleva, plays role of a  Popstar

New Delhi, May 09 , 2018: After winning numerous accolades for debut movie, ‘Mantostaan’  and a feauture  film “ The Strong Faith “  In which Mantostaan was  selected and screened in Cannes International film festival 2016, while “The strong Faith is selected for This year 2018 under short film category . Father-son duo Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh and Aaditya Pratap Singh are back with another creative piece of Cinema- ‘Gandhi Memorabilia’, an Indo-US project based on father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.

On 02nd May 2018 , the teaser of Movie “Gandhi memorabilia” was released,   within a week  this movie teaser trends in all social media including facebook, You tube and Instagram ,. There are more than 50millions view with approx. 10000 comments in Instagram and it trends in almost all social media related to Cinema including Vogue, Bollywood cinema , Gandhi and many more . many celebrities from Hollywood and Bollywood shared it and liked also. It clearly shows and proves popularity of Mahatma Gandhi as well his relevance in Modern time.


While addressing the media on the occasion of Release of teaser , Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, director said it clearly that the movie is not a documentary, and different from others. The movie is based on the thoughts of Gandhi and its relevance in modern time., he said.

He even said the movie is not a biography and Gandhi is not only about truth and non-violence. The makers of the movie have tried to showcase the  effect of his thoughts specially Nonviolence .

The leading actress Daria Kosheleva, who plays role of a Popstar and due to some important events she turns into a follower of Gandhi and applied His thoughts to get independence in her native place where the conditions are same as in India and South Africa During late nineteenth century, She was unaware about Gandhi while Joining this project but later she became a great follower of Mahatma Gandhi in real  life too and she is highly inspired by Gandhi’s thoughts.

Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh is also coming up with another huge project in 2019 on Mahatma Gandhi .

The film will be starring US actress and model Daria Kosheleva in the lead role along with producer Aaditya Pratap Singh. The project is the brain child of Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh, who is also the  director and Writer of the Movie. The film is being produced by Aaditya Pratap Singh’s home production, Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainment. It is slated to release the trailer before Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary, October 2, 2018 and movie on 2nd October 2018. The movie will also be released in the USA.

Bhanu Pratap Singh is a doctor by profession and has four PhDs under his name. Dr Singh also holds the most unduplicated photographs of Mahatma Gandhi which he started collecting after visiting Raj Ghat and Gandhi Smarak Museum in New Delhi in 2010. He also wrote many books on Mahatma Gandhi . one more book on Gandhi covering the story of Gandhi Memorabilia will be also released soon.His son, Aaditya Pratap Singh is a partner in the production house, Aaditya Pratap Singh Entertainment and is an Engineer by profession. He too has a hobby of collecting stamps and coins like his father.

Aaditya Pratap Singh And Dr Bhanu Pratap Singh Together Also Released A Documentary Film On Collection Of Gandhi ji Books And That Is Also Trending In YouTube For A While.