Sunday, July 14

Make Your Bollywood Dreams Come True

Exclusive News By Fame Media, a talent-centric film school, has been disrupting the elitist reign in the Film Industry. It is commendable, that when many are venturing into the film education business to mint money,

there’s an academy like Joinfilms that caters to the needs to aspiring talents at absolutely no cost.

Virendra Rathore, Talent Mentor, Film Consultant and founder of, offers practical film education to film aspirants in India, entirely free on Youtube. His Youtube channel ~ Joinfilms offers free lessons, tips and techniques to budding talents pursuing a career in film industry through his series titled "Virendra Rathore's Filmy Funday".

If his weekly LIVE session is any indication, Virendra Rathore is spending his days answering somewhere around 40-50 queries from budding talents.

Understandably, the brand has garnered quite popularity amongst young aspiring talents pan India. The channel has garnered loyal subscribers in the past few years, making Virendra Rathore, the Most Celebrated Talent Mentor on Youtube.

In a candid conversation, Virendra Rathore said: “I have always believed that filmmaking as a process is an excellent example of team work. An individual can sure make a video, but to make a great film, it requires an ensemble of finest technicians and professionals. Am glad many firms are focusing on providing the right platform for fresh talents. I feel, as film fraternity, we are all collectively moving in the right direction. When deserving talents get the opportunity, the industry will bloom like never before.”

—–Wasim Siddique(Fame Media)