Monday, April 15

Bakul Rajput – Vedic Living – Scientific Explanation For All Religious Practices

In the times of Pandemic Spirituality has been into major focus. There are many spiritual

organisations who are working hard to change the orthodoxic spiritual mindsets.

A non profit organization Intercultural Foundation for Vedic living  is diligently trying to bring the revolution and is a true bonafide institution of excellence. The organisation is setting a perfect example of generosity through its representation on several unexplored subjects which springs from ancient wisdom. The platform resolves many spiritual queries of his followers on various social media sites through modern science. Various aspects like healthy living, spiritual upliftment, immunity has kept in focus. Their prime objective is to give scientific explanation behind all religious and spiritual believes and practices.

The founder of Intercultural Foundation for Vedic Living  is Bakul Rajput. He along with his team is exploring various subjects and problems related to dreams, relationships, mysteries and unknown facts. He is working hard on various meditation postures and methods. Which helps to calm human mind especially in times of Pandemic where there is a lot of mental stress and imbalance in the one’s complete existence.


The organisation is thriving to creates a platform which builds the union of health, mind, body and soul.