Thursday, April 18

Zodiac Predictions for 2021 – Varrunii Joshi

Varrunii Joshi is a person who believes in energy more than idols and through this, she happened to meet High Priestess Karishma Shetty. After meeting her as a guide, she ended up getting so inclined towards spiritual practices that she took up healing as a profession and became a disciple. She has always been grateful for being one of the the chosen ones. She started her journey with Angels and Tarot but now she practices multiple modalities. She has learned  the importance of self-love and that life must be lived to the fullest.

Having a similar mindset, she followed the footsteps of High Priestess Karishma Shetty, she decided to be a part of this magical journey along with Psychic Temples and achieve their vision to better people’s lives.


The start of the year you will find ways to generate funds and you will be successful in all your endeavours. However, you need to be careful about your emotions this year as there is a possibility that someone will try to mess up with your feelings. This going to put you into a shell. This year, you will not be rewarded enough for your work and someone else will be taking the credit for all your hard work that you put in. But you don’t need to give up; trust yourself and stay patient even when things are chaotic around because by the end of the year things are going to be in your favour. Don’t take hasty decisions this year. Doing charity will bring you peace and prosperity. Also this year will be an eye opener for you, you will realise the true colours of people, it might hurt you but you will learn your lesson.


The start of the year you might face some sort of betrayal at your work.  People might portray to be good to you but don’t trust anyone as these people are just pretending.
You might develop fear within you this year about losing something/ someone in your life. But you need to be fearless and overcome this phase. By the mid of the year your career seems to be blooming and whatever you had planned it all will work out at work and in your personal life. You might have to take some sort of risk this year at your work place or regarding your family. This risk is going to be worth it.


The start of the year you might face financial confusion. Don’t enter or engage in any financial deals at the start of the year. Beware of how people try to emotionally fool you because you might be tricked into believing something that is not true. You will face a lot of challenges this year but you will be able to overcome them slowly and steadily.  Things will fall in place when you’re least expecting.Trust only few people because you will realise people true intentions towards you. Just follow your stars and what your heart desires and everything else will be at ease.


This year you would want to spend more time with your loved ones. Plan a family vacation. Try to not lend money to someone this year as it will not return to you. People will use emotions to get financial help from you. Your career seems to be booming and going in the right direction.  You will have some sort of financial gains too for which you will work hard. Keep your emotions under control intact as you might be emotional drained by the end of the year due to family or colleagues. You will realise that you are not appreciated enough and it will demotivate you to do things by the end of the year.


This year will bring a lot of challenges your way. However, it’s all in your hand to overcome them with ease. Things you least expect is coming your way this year.  Stay open for this surprise as it’s going to be a positive one. At your work front, people might try to be very friendly but be cautious as there are people who are going to make things tough for you. Stay strong! 2021 will make you more homely and you will end up spending more time at home with your loved ones. By the end of the year, your career will be booming in the direction you always wanted.


In the beginning of the year, you will end up spending a lot money.  Then you will realise that you ended up spending most of it. You will receive support at your work front from someone superior and this person wants to see you prosper. So, you will end up working hard towards your target. This year you will learn to balance things out and manage a lot of things which you were never been able to. There is possibility you might attract a new relationship or your bond from your current relationship will become stronger. There will be certain decisions which will be taken at home or work against you which you will not be happy with but you will realise that it was the best decision that could be taken for your benefit. You need to pay more attention to your emotions this year as there are chances that you will withdraw from your emotions. So express all the emotions rather than suppressing them.


This year begin with a new change where you will see yourself going through a transformation which will be beneficial. You will be able to over come a lot of challenges at work with ease. So don’t take any hasty decisions. Pleasant surprises are coming your way; so stay open because that is something that you have been waiting for since a long time. Be careful about people at your workplace. Seniors might complicate things at work which will get difficult for you to handle. This might lead you to become greedy and get your work done by any means. By the end of the year you might go through an emotionally stressful time due to your family.


At beginning of the year you will be over analysing a lot of things and would want to disconnect from the world for some time.  During this time, you will be seeking answers within you. People at your work will try to complicate things and will pretend to be good to you.  Keep an open eye don’t trust everyone. All you got to do it stay strong and follow your stars as you already know what you want; so go ahead and work on it. This year you will be paying a lot of attention on your home and family.  Someone close to you is going to hurt your ego maybe at home or at work which will make you overthink and you will end up stressing about it. By the end of the year, you will receive monetary gain from your family which you least expected.


At the start of the year, you should end all the misunderstandings you had with people around you.  Your career will boom and your hard work will pay off as you will see yourself achieving your goals. Financially, things will be slow but you need to pay more close attention to this and get things into work. At your workplace, you need to be cautious about whom you talk to because it can be held against you.  So, keep your eyes open and think before you speak as things can get complicated for you. Stay strong as you will be able to over come all of this with ease. Trust the divine.


At the beginning of the year, you might feel too caught up with a lot of things happening in your life that you will have no control over. This will make you over think and you will stress. Be cautious as you might land yourself in trouble due to this overthinking.  You need to take risks as far as your career is concerned. Pay close attention to your happy and positive emotions as you will tend to give more attention to unwanted negative energies; look at the brighter side of things. This year will get a lot of clarity for you.  Everything that you couldn’t understand will start making sense to you. End of the year your career will flourish and you will be progressing in the right direction.


The start of the year try not to lend money to anyone as it will not return to you. Don’t get carried away emotionally and make hasty financial decisions. You might have to take some sort of risk at your career front and this risk will be worth taking. All the good work you have done in the past is going to come back this year in the multiple of three. People at home or work might try to complicate things for you which will be out of your control. Betrayal is on the cards! You will realise a lot of true colours of people so don’t trust everyone you meet as this year is going to be an eye opener for you. Stay strong and don’t indulge in things which will put you in trouble.


This year your emotions will be in your control and you will realise what you deserve. It is going to be a happy go lucky year for you, where you are going to be very content with your emotions. Someone in your family or work front is going to support you emotionally with a lot of decisions you take. But you need to be cautious as there are few people at your work front who might hurt your ego complicate things which will result in stressful times for you. You will receive some sort of financial gain from your family which was least expected. It is better if you let go of unwanted emotions and baggage’s of the past as it might affect your physical and mental health.