Saturday, May 18

International Women’s Day by Vishwa Hindi Academy Mumbai And Malwa Rang Manch Celebration And Felicitations With Press Conference

On” International Women’s Day 2021″, The honor ceremony was organized by the “Vishwa Hindi Academy”, Mumbai and the “Malwa Rang Manch” , on the occasion.

Held on 7 March 2021 at Mukti Auditorium Andheri, the event featured a pleasing rendition of song, music, dance and poetry. Singer Rockstar Chintan Bakiwala  tied the sama by listening to the song on mother and sister. Singer Meenu Singh performed a captivating dance and song. Singer KC Gupta and singer Sangeeta Pant performed the duet. In the end, Comedy King Sunil Pal dodged everyone with a barrage of humor. Distinguished industrialist Rani Poddar, conferred with the Life Time Achievement Award, SmitaThackeray, chairperson of Mukti Foundation, classical singer Dr. Soma Ghosh and GST Commissioner KC Gupta, on the occasion, presented their distinguished contribution to talented women active in art, literature, culture and social activities. Awarded for.Social activist Medha Patkar on-line and honoured women Samata Malhotra, Asha Virender Kumar Mishra, Mamta Singh, Swati Sareen, Alka Bhargava, Sangeeta Pant, Ulka Mayur, Mithali Dhoot, Kinjal Shah, Karthik Tari Raza, Sreejita Banerjee on International Women’s Day Expressed his views. Sandhya Rai coordinated the program. Institution head Keshav Rai introduced the foreword. Poet cine lyricist Devamani Pandey conducted the ceremony.Many celebrities from the cine world were present on the occasion. Producer Sarita Pal, lyricist Sameer Anjaan, Manju Gautam, producer Kinnari Mehta and actors Jai Mehta, Ayurvedacharya Dr Prakash Tata, child actors Arnav Tata, Neha, Maya, Poonam, Susheela and Shanta enhanced the dignity of the event.


Author Shashi Dubey’s book “I, the city and the rain were released. Satish Singh and Yashwant Chauhan recited the poem. Deepak Bhanushali, Rakesh Sabarwal, Kamal Malik, Ashok Shekhar, Habib Mithiborwala were specially present at the event.

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