Thursday, May 23

Grand Media Launch of Tusshar Dhaliwal’s Mrs India Universe 2020-21

Grand Media Launch of Tusshar Dhaliwal’s “Mrs India Universe 2020-21”, recently in Sin City. Show was organised under the banner of ‘Viscera’, ‘Archsshar’, ‘Archana Tomar Creation’ & ‘Samkit Productions’.

Tusshar Dhaliwal showcased the glittering Crowns thru the hands of celebrities. The event which was celebrated with great pomp and show ended with fabulous dinner and cocktail Party.  Every celebrity enjoyed the evening till midnight with dance and music.

Some of the prominent dignitories and celebrites present at the grant event were Siddhaanth Vir Suryavanshi(Actor), Dev Sharma(Actor), Anuj Kohli (Actor), Yash Wadali(Singer), Shri Pal Jain(Producer), Rakesh Sabharwal(Producer), Rajan Batra (Punjabi Producer), Kajal Shah(Actress), Karishama Kar(Actress From South), Yog Sabharwal(Actor)  Jayant Madnani(Chef), Lovekesh Dhaliwal (Director of Mrs India Universe), Shikha Mehta Khan(Make Over Partner), Karishma Chhabria (Official Groomer), Vinod Bhai(ARC Club Owner), Rakesh Kothari(Social Worker), Advani Ji (Prime School Owner), Ruby Arora (Mrs India Universe 2018 Winner), Shweta Rathore  (Miss World Fitness), Gagan Sahni (Fashion Designer), Anjali Sahni (Fashion Designer), Pradeep Pali (Garjana Group of Hotel Owner) Mamta Raja, Brinda Pareek and many more.

Contestants  from various regions were present at the grand Crown Launching – Anuja Zaveri,  Piya Dhar,  Krina Mistry,  Savita Pol, Chetna Sachdeva, Shruti Saxena, Juhi Bhasin,  Deepti Singh, Poongoody Manikandan Deepti Singh.


Also it was Birthday of Young dynamic Tusshar Dhaliwal, which was celebrated along with guests and media personalities.