Thursday, April 18

Hindi Film Hum Hum Hain Set To Release On 26th March 2021

The Hindi film “Hum Hum Hain”, which will be released on 26th March 2021, is a full of entertainment. The film stars Nakul Gill, Pentali Sen, Sandeep Yadav, Devendra Lade, Muslim Khan, Savita Papale, Prem Singh Kantooria etc. under the banner of Five Friends Entertainment.

Producer Devendra Lade and Pradeep Rajbhar’s film Hum Hum Hain is directed by Bijendra S Gangwar. The film’s story writer is Abdul Ghaffar Khan, lyricist Muslim Khan, composer SP Sen, singers Nitin Tiwari, Gautam Ganguly, Priya Sen and Sunita Pawar, choreographers Raju Shabana Khan, Sunil Motwani. Its music has been released by Ultra.

The story of this film revolves around the mentally chalange son of the village Pradhan who falls in love with Masterji’s girl. To know whether the boy succeeds in winning the girl’s heart, you will have to watch the film.


The trailer of the film is getting very good response on Youtube. The film is full of romance, action, which is bringing entertainment to the audience.