Friday, December 1

Miss Glamourface World INDIA Angel Tetarbe Reached New York For Mission World PEACE

WORLD PEACE Messenger , Miss Glamourface World INDIA,and fashion Style Icon, “Angel Tetarbe” reached New York for Mission World PEACE.

“We need Peace everywhere in the World”.

“Am very happy to reach New York  n see New Yorkers getting back to work, things getting better in USA,.

During this pandemic time the world was shut down.. Travelling was completely impossible..

But now situation is getting better with vaccines n proper care  for social distancing n wearing mask while traveling n working..

In USA, vaccination is  going on in huge numbers ..

Feel great..

thanks to my parent’s for supporting me to travel from Mumbai to Dubai..

Then Dubai to New York.. nothing was planned initiall , But it’s destiny that I flew down from Dubai to New york..  By Emirates travel during this pandemic time was very comfortable.. at the DUBAI airport n at JFK, each one of them the Security, the Staff all helped to make travel smooth for travellers.

Feel very happy and nice ..

We should all focus on World PEACE, we all are peace Loving people..

We don’t want virus attacks and killing the innocents.we want PEACE, love n happiness in life, we want Peace, Love n Happiness in the World.

Pls  “Join Hands for the World PEACE”

I salute all  the Doctors n the Police department n people working at the Airport globally during this tough time they are doing the best for us for our safety..


Thank you so much

Jai Hind