Monday, April 15

NIRUPAMA LAISHRAM from Imphal Manipur Multi-Talented Recieved Iconic International Women Award 2021by Ngo IAWA and Amarcine Production

Nirupama Laishram of Manipur, is a woman of steel, Ambitious, hardworking and benevolent. She has been working incessantly for the uplifting of women and children for the last seven years. She did not let marriage stand against her ambition of becoming a cabin crew ,and attained her dreams in spite of facing many hurdles and challenges she ultimately became an international cabin crew after birth to her daughter.

The tedious duties were managed with grit and determination. Nirupama is also the title holder of Mrs. India Legacy Photogenic 2019, recipient of International Pride Women 2019 and International Pride Women Fashion Icon 2019.She is the winner of North East pageant Leima gi Khongthang 2019.

Her short videos on why women should have strong personality got her the award for Best short video 2021 organized by Popcorn Flix entertainment.On top of all these Nirupama Laishram has had her share of the glamour world when she acted in Manipuri feature films ,She is also a trained theatre artist.

For the last seven years Nirupama is instrumental in helping women entrepreneurs by assisting them financially .she is also a social activist and did various social awareness on “Say No To Plastic “,Save Earth”,and by initiating handicrafts skill development for local women .She also made a short film on “Say No To Junk Food” with Doordarshan Kendra Imphal .

Nirupama has been involved in the distribution of sanitary pads, a donation to old age home, orphanage and cleaning the environment. During the pandemic days, she was involved in the distribution of free meals to the homeless and needy and looking after destitute and homeless women.

Nirupama believes that the struggles of life is to be faced and overcome.She does not believe in shying away from challenges .

These traits in her makes her an Iconic Woman of Manipur who struggled to achieve her dreams and had also helped others to achieve theirs.