Saturday, July 20

The Second Song Of The Movie – Mmmmm Was Sung By Famous Folk Singer Nanjiamma

The second song of the movie “Mmmmm,” produced by Dr. Sohan Roy and directed by Vijesh Mani under the Aries group’s banner, has now been recorded. The song titled “Paathyile Nerunki Mollu” is sung by Nanjiamma, an elderly folk singer, whose debut song in the movie Ayyappanum Koshiyum warmed the hearts of a broad audience. The recording took place at Sreeragam studio on August 30th. Director Vijeesh Mani, I.M Vijayan, Jayaraj Warrier, and Palaniswami were also present during this recording session. I.M Vijayan plays the lead role in the movie, where numerous famous foreign actors have been roped into playing various roles.
Famous American singer, lyricist, and music director Edon Molla has also sung one song in the movie.  Edon Molla has worked with many reputed artists in the American music industry, including the Grammy Award winners. His music has been recognized by New York’s Brooklyn Marathon, independent movies of Europe and America, and various radio stations. Edon’s first album, “Alone,” had attained lakhs of streams through digital media platforms in four months. ‘Mmmmm’ will be his debut project in the Indian music industry. Well, known music director, Jubair Muhammad is handling the movie’s music section.
“Mmmmm…” is a movie which stresses on various environmental concepts. Producers reported that Edon decided to be a part of the film after listening to the theme and message the cinema had to offer. Initially, the first few schedules were planned to be shot at international locations. Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all decided scenes will now be shot in India.
Director has announced that artists from Hollywood will be a part of this movie, as it will be released on an international scale. He also mentioned his excitement working alongside Sohan Roy, who gifted the world with a foreign film like DAM 999. Vijeesh has received various acknowledgments like the Guinness record for the filming of the tribal language, the Guinness record for finishing script in record time, and releasing it in theatres. He has also been bestowed with this year’s Indian Panorama and many other national awards.

The movie is produced by Dr. Sohan Roy, Director of the Hollywood movie DAM 999. He has also worked as an inevitable part of numerous other films as a producer, project designer, and actor. For Vijesh Mani’s script, Prakash Vadikkal is preparing the screenplay. The sound mix is done by Bijon Sculter, edited by B. Lenin, and Cinematography by Shemeer Jibran.