Saturday, July 20

Acid Survivors Open Super Market at Mumbai Chitra K Wagh Inaugurated Daulat Khan and Krishna Kumar Took A New Step

Mumbai : Acid Survivors Sahaas Foundation had organise a Social Event for launching “” All IN ONE SUPER MARKET- By  Acid Survivors”. It was held on 10th October , Saturday , Time 5:30pm at Rangshrdha Hotel, Near Lilavati hospital ONGC colony  Bandra West Mumbai. Chief Guest was Mrs. Chitra Kishor wagh ( Bjp Vice President of Mumbai) and Mr. Deepak Sawant ( Film  Director and Mr Amitabh Bachchan ‘s Makeup and Hair Stylist) and Guest of Honour Ms. Sonali Iyengar, Sneha Vasariya, Anuradha  ( Tabla Player First Women in India ), Mr. Raju Nag, Mr.Dinesh Wala , Mr Ajay Sonawale, Mr.S P Ahuja and many more will be  present on the occasion . Acid Survivors Women were also present in this function they would say a few words about their COVID  Experience.

ASSF was an initiative, started in 2016 by Mrs. Daulat Bi Khan, who herself was a victim of acid attack. The aim of this organization  is providing shelter to the acid victims along with actively focusing on spreading awareness about acid attack, aftermath of attack  & its consequences and to fight against the taboo of the society.

The NGO provides rehabilitation to the patients which include medical facilities, education, legal, moral and financial support.  The foundation has so far helped many acid attack victims in performing major surgeries, providing them with basic human needs  and living a normal lifestyle by arranging marriages for them such as Ms.Lalita and Ms.Kamal. A great support in this noble cause  was provided by the owner of Ample Mission, Dr. Aneel Murarka. ASSF till date has provided end to end support to more than 30 acid victims which includes surgery of 9 acid survivors.


ASSF’s vision is a world free from acid violence where survivors and activists work together for this common  cause. This can be possible only by changing the social perception towards the victims. Society should not  consider acid sufferers as victims but rather as victors. They should be filled with a massive amount of esteem, so  they can see any hindrance in their path as a fragile one. The other aspect is helping the ‘average person’ who  hears about acid violence move from being a concerned bystander to an active participant in this fight.


ASSF’s main goal is to provide every possible support to the victims and survivors. The NGO is deeply focusing on providing  shelter to acid victors which should also consist of a workshop where they can earn their livelihood by making handmade bags,  cushions, antiques etc. Daulat Bi has a dream and ambition to open a big departmental store which itself will be operated by acid  victors team. By taking these small but major steps the victors can stand on their own feet and can prove their worth to the  society.


The main objective of starting this supermarket is to help victims of acid attack earn their living from the business. The store will  remain open 6 days a week. This business will help acid survivors become self-dependent in their life ahead.

The impact of this initiative will be an independent, liberal and self-sustained life for acid attack survivors. event will encourage everyone work hard whosoever is a part of this initiative.

Krishna- Director of Acid Survivors Sahaas Foundation Bandra West Mumbai.


Contact- +919320009722.