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Amazing Hygieia Makes A Clean Sanitizing Sweep!

Amazing Hygieia, the Japanese patented electrolyzed oxidising water is a sure-shot replacement for alcohol and bleach-based products. And the Indian consumer is welcoming this eco-friendly disinfectant with open arms…

Electrolyzed oxidising water is one of the most promising sanitizers for the future, which can provide pesticide and drug-free food products. Seeking better ways of sanitization with lowest toxicity and least bio burden, Amazing Ambrosia Pvt Ltd (, India’s First Water Technology Platform, founded by veteran water technologist Dr BK Sharma, son Sidharth Sharma, along with plastic industries doyen Mahendra N Patel, and Rahul C Mehta of MentorCap, has decided to combat India’s water and sanitation problems by identifying world class technologies, adapting, innovating and manufacturing them locally to have an exponentially transformative impact on India. And from the way the masses are appreciating their revolutionary product, Amazing Hygieia, it looks like they are here to stay.
Amazing Hygieia to put it in simple words is water that disinfects, and water that heals. The product is perfect to sanitize, and is as effective in disease prevention and maintaining the potential bioloads as low as possible.
In simple words, Amazing Hygieia is an innovative way for spot cleaning and aerial disinfection, particularly to clean high-touch or common-touch places and high footfall places — schools, restaurants, gyms, malls et al.
Well, what is electrolyzed oxidised water? Simply put, here ions are basically scrambled by an electric current and relies on contact time for its efficacy as a cleaner and sanitizing agent. The generators use a combination of cell technology, salt and electricity to alter the molecular structure of water, creating a non-toxic, oxidised, antimicrobial solution that is capable of killing many pathogens in less than 10 seconds.
Opposed to smaller, hand-held devices with activated water, this is a technology that has been used as an effective cleaner and broad-spectrum sanitizer for decades in Japan.
The sanitizing characteristics of the Japan-patented technology brought to India by Amazing Ambrosia Pvt Ltd assures superior disinfection and sterilisation and is available in a convenient powder form in a 3.2 gm sachet to give up to 10 litres of disinfectant.
The same company incidentally is also known for its other product HygieiaDent, a specialised disinfectant for the dental industry.

Amazing Hygieia and HygieiaDent are winners of the Economic Times Industry Leader Awards for Pathbreaking Technology resulting in  Exemplary Contribution To Society.
Sidharth Sharma, Director, Amazing Ambrosia Pvt Ltd, speaks of Amazing Hygieia, “Amazing Hygieia is 100 per cent nontoxic, non-hazardous and food contact safe. It is non-alcohol based and non-inflammable. It is safe for eyes and skin and 100 per cent safe when inhaled. Aerial disinfection is done by our patented Ultrasonic foggers that give out a dry mist of under 5 microns that is 99.99 per cent effective against all known air borne pathogens including the novel Corona virus.”
Adds Director Rahul C Mehta, “Amazing Hygieia is the only stable EO water available in pH of 5.5 to 6.5 with zero chlorine gasification. Electrolyzed oxidising water is approved and certified by the Ministry of Health, Japan as a food contact product as well as the only product safe for aerial disinfection permitted by INMAS DRDO, USA FDA, US CDC and US EPA.”
The use of this technology for treating plant disease or in aquaculture, dairy, poultry and produce industries for sanitizing and treating pathogenic microorganisms can provide pesticide-free and drug-free fresh products for human consumption. Furthermore, electrolyzed water impacts on wound healing and its wound sanitation application have been approved.
In the normal sanitization and disinfectant space, replacing conventional cleaners in mop buckets, sprayers, foggers and toxic cleaning chemicals with this electrolyzed oxidising water is a simple solution. In addition, Amazing Hygieia has no odour, nor does it produce foam, making it ideal for use in food production sanitation.
The use of Amazing Hygieia has a profound effect in reducing harmful chemicals besides markedly improving overall cleanliness, and hygiene. Amazing Hygieia leaves behind no residue or stains and is safe for use with fogging machines in schools, gyms, workplaces and even dining outlets.
No wonder Amazing Hygieia is the current newsmaker with its healing touch!

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