Saturday, July 20

Sagar Ballary To Direct Moh Maya For Amazon Prime


Well, when three friends join in to work in unison for a well-meaning project the determination is apparent.

To begin at the beginning, Binnis Hotel Cinema (BHC) is a promising production house which is producing a web series of 10  episodes for the prestigious Amazon Prime tentatively titled, “Moh Maya” to be directed by well-known Director Sagar Ballary. The movie is being produced by BHC’s Lalit Paikray (who says having been a co-producer of much in the news movie, Udta Punjab has always given him a great feeling professionally), Raj Anand (formerly of UTV) and Sunil Jain starring the very popular Sourabh Shukla, Raghubir Yadav, Rajesh Sharma and Sadhna Singh, among others.

The essence of the movie is to show how the deep inherent “moh” (desire) of the “maya” (illusion) has deprived us from knowing that it is the yearning of “want” is what divides and the fulfillment of “need” is what unites.

Lalit elaborates how through the point of view of two outcastes “the movie explores the intricacies of Indian villages and how they have always been exploited by the system and people in power.”

This series depicts that even the most cunning and shrewd people can change and listen to their hearts if be in an innocent company and environment. “It’s a humorous take on today’s bizarre world where fight over 4G connection in an Indian village actually solves the age-old caste discrimination,” tells Paikray.

Delving a bit into the story, two conmen accidentally find themselves helping the villagers. They enter a village of heartland India with the intention to loot them but find themselves helping the villagers instead to solve the caste discrimination problem.

“It’s an interesting and moving story which unfolds on its own,” say Anand and Jain with a note of high confidence.

Well, well, three men are on the move on the fast lane now and how!