Saturday, July 20

Rising Tollywood Star Abhishek’s New Year Resolutions

As we leave behind us a tumultuous 2020, actor Abhishek Singh, known for his contrasting leading roles in webseries – Mismatch 3 and Judgement Day – looks at 2021 with hope. “For us 2020 has been like a harsh teacher and we have learned a lot from. We step into 2021 a lot more wiser,” says Abhishek. The Tollywood heart throb has never fixed New Year resolutions for himself, but 2021 is different. He has two simple ones – to stay safe at work and to workout more. He looks pretty fit, but a lot of effort goes behind maintaining his chiselled body.

Abhishek Singh, who made his debut in the Bengali movie, Cockpit (2017), and later caught the fancy of many ladies with his role as a haunted lover in the hit webseries Charitraheen (2018). He has had a busy 2020. He appeared as the leading hunk in two big webseries – Judgement Day on Zee5 and Mismatch 3 on the Bengali platform, Hoichoi, which made him the darling of the OTT world.

So what is in store for him in 2021?

With the imminent release of Venganza, a Hindi film in which Singh is in the lead, and Golondaaz, a Bengali multistarrer, his horizons look pretty bright. He is also in talks for another Hindi webseries which will begin shooting early this year.

Singh comes from a Bengali-Haryanvi background which has made it easy for him to work in the Hindi and Bengali arena. And being listed as one of the hottest men by Calcutta Times he is turning quite a few heads with his washboard abs and gorgeous smile.

This new year there are a lot of ifs and buts floating around. We asked the enigmatic actor what his take on 2021 is. He says, “We don’t really know what is in store for us as a permanent cure for covid takes time to develop. But we can focus on staying healthy and taking care of our personal hygiene as that is the ultimate weapon against many illnesses.”

Being one of the fittest people around with a mixed martial arts background! Abhishek Singh sure has tips to share for being healthy. A word to prep his fans for his next appearance on their screens, you can expect to see him soon in a fast-paced Hindi film – Venganza!