Saturday, July 20

Can Water Kill Coronavirus?

It can de-grease a kitchen. It can clean windows. It kills athlete’s foot. And now, this elixir is brought to India to replace the toxic chemicals used to kill COVID. Electrolysed Oxidising Water, the patented technology brought to India by the country’s pioneering water technology platform, Amazing Ambrosia Pvt. Ltd. under the name Amazing Hygieia and HygieiaDent, is hailed as ‘El Liquido Milagroso,’ or the miraculous liquid, a substance that scientists aver is powerful enough to kill any lethal virus without harming people or the environment.
Used as a sanitizer for decades in Japan and Russia, Electrolysed Oxidising Water is safe, inexpensive, cuts costs and cuts employee injuries from chemicals. It is prepared by employees on-site and is ten times more effective at killing bacteria than bleach and is available in a convenient powder form in a 3.2 gram sachet that gives up to 10 litres of disinfectant.
Says veteran water technologist Dr. BK Sharma, “Amazing Hygieia is green, saves money and is the right thing to do. In Japan, people spray it on sushi to kill bacteria and replace chlorine with EO water in swimming pools. Doctors treat bedsores with EO water. In Russia, EO water is used to kill microbes in oil wells, while Europeans use it to treat burn victims and have developed treatments for chronic wounds with EO water. It is only a matter of time before our patented technology becomes mainstream in India.”
Entrepreneurs Sidharth Sharma and Rahul C. Mehta add: “When we founded Amazing Ambrosia guided by doyens Dr. BK Sharma and Mahendra N Patel, we wanted to identify India’s water and sanitation problems and solve them by adapting world-class technologies and innovating and manufacturing them locally. We brought in Amazing Hygieia and HygieiaDent for that purpose. The unforeseen pandemic struck then and the need for a new, innovative way to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and aerial disinfection of high footfall places with lowest toxicity and least bio burden became priority.”
Opines Mahendra N Patel: “The timing of the launch of our product was such that it was nothing short of miracle water. Globally, this technology has effectively demonstrated excellent cleaning ability in public places such as malls, metro stations, gyms, restaurants, movie theatres, airports and above that also in dairy, poultry and produce industries, making it ideal for general use in retail food establishments. Replacing conventional cleaners in mop buckets, sprayers, foggers and toxic cleaning chemicals with this electrolyzed oxidising water is a simple solution. In addition, Amazing Hygieia has no odour, nor does it produce foam, making it ideal for use in food production.”

Amazing Hygieia/ HygieiaDent is the only stable EO water available in pH of 5.5 to 6.5 with zero chlorine gasification. Electrolyzed oxidising water is approved and certified by the Ministry of Health, Japan as a food contact product as well as the only product safe for aerial disinfection permitted by INMAS DRDO, USA FDA, US CDC and US EPA. Both Amazing Hygieia and HygieiaDent are winners of the Economic Times Industry Leader Awards for Pathbreaking Technology resulting in Exemplary Contribution To Society.



—  Naarad PR & Image Strategists