Saturday, July 20

Ingenious Aparna Sharma Rides Digital Wave With OTT Acquisition

Digital platforms slowly overtook film entertainment to rank the third largest in the Indian media and entertainment sector in 2019! It was, eventually, inevitable that the figures would further rise with the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to FICCI Indian Media and Entertainment report, the figures will rise from Rs. 2,019 crore in 2017 to Rs. 5595 crore by 2022!

The popularity of OTT platforms is at an all-time high, as the audience shifts from theatres to streaming services from the comfort of their homes and devices! The viewers get a new habit – binge watching, thereby spiraling video consumption across metros, other urban cities and the rest of rural India.

The target group of major OTT platforms is set to be the millennials of the age group of 18-35 years old. As the digital India strengthens, the youth oriented population is expected to further increase the viewership of OTT platforms. This is aided by the drop in the prices of smart phones and cellular data tariffs. India is currently estimated to have over 500 million active smart phone users, and the figure is only ever-increasing!

Model-turned actor-turned media mogul Aparna Sharma ventures into the OTT Media Digital Platform as Co-Founder and Group President, Darwin Platform Group of Companies. The dynamic group has been researching on the video-on-demand services and opportunities in the Indian sub-continent. With OTT platforms targeting millennial age groups of 18-35, they is looking forward to strategize this approach in a differentiable way by targeting urban and rural markets.

With the staunch belief that content marketing strategy with exclusive content is the differentiator, this OTT is set to take the industry by storm! With over 30 plus OTT players in India, in different languages, it is now possible, and even more effective, in targeting audiences based on their content preferences.  A lesser known fact is that over 40 per cent of OTT platforms in India cater to regional content. The current OTT will have over 14000 hours of content, including Hindi and regional language shows and films and is already in the process of acquiring stronger content as well.

Aparna Sharma has a strong career background in the entertainment space, albeit as a model-actor. She has done TV commercials for Parle Monaco with Aamir Khan, ESPN Brand Film with John Abraham, Coca Cola with Imran Khan, Chik Satin Shampoo, Samsung Mobile. She was also seen in her debut feature film, Guddu Ki Gun. After that, she went on to sign a three movie and web-series contract with Balaji Motion Pictures. Her last film was Rum Pum Posshh starring Karan Kundrra, Errol Marks, and Deepraj Rana.

Meanwhile, a little bird told was reportedly abuzz, about Aparna Sharma, soon to be the bride of HRH of Sultanpur sharing the lineage of Lord Ram and turn Adya Singh. Looks like another Power Couple is in the making!

— Naarad PR & Image Strategists