Saturday, July 20

AB Ani CD Producer Akshay Bardapurkar In An Open Conversation With Harshita Dagha About Planet Marathi OTTs Nepotism And More

Akshay Bardapurkar’s diligent modus operandi to touch fame skyrocket and surpass conventional content ideas in the current cinema scene. While the la-di-la of Bollywood strive acutely towards cinematic excellence, Akshay’s futuristic and high-quality compositions have already set a benchmark for content in Marathi and well as Indian cinema.

“I feel if your intent, goal and vision is set and you know what your purpose is and what it is that you want to achieve, I feel every struggle that you have been a part of gets rewarded. I have been lucky that I have been rewarded for my hard-work,” the producer of AB ani CD talks to author-journalist Harshita Dagha as he reminisces about all the stumbling blocks (read nepotism) have helped him climb and reach the summit, he believes.

“Forget nepotism, the Marathi film industry is struggling with existencial crisis.” Akshay feels. But his unapologetic will to help the Marathi film industry reach greater heights shows no stop signs.

Entrepreneurship flows like blood in the veins of Akshay, he says. “I started organising small events when I was 20. I used to organize everything and charge a legitimate fee for the same. I began my career as an event manager and after many years I became a producer, but one thing that is common between the both of them is that they both need precise decision-making, leadership qualities and eyes set for a successful execution while managing the monies extremely well.” He also tells Harshita Dagha that the said qualities are an intangible part of his DNA and character.

From producing some of the best content-packed films to launching Planet Marathi, Akshay Bardapurkar has come a long way. Talk about how he achieved it – he believes it is sincerity, dedication and commitment that leads one into achieving what they truly aim for. “I work extremely hard, sleep very less and have designed my system in such a way wherein once a decision is taken, it doesn’t come back to me until it is executed, so I try and see there is no waste of time happening.

The only time I hold is to take crucial decisions. Once they’re taken, I don’t revisit.” The quick-witted man has some important hacks for aspiring new-comers in the entertainment industry.